Krav Maga Improves Your Physical Fitness And Mental Sharpness!

Commando Krav Maga was originally developed by the Israeli army and is one of the best defense trainings to know. Our instructors will teach you precision moves and techniques that will debilitate anything and anyone in your path.

The Commando Krav Maga classes by Diamond Mixed Martial Arts give you all the training you'll need. While you're learning the skills to outwit violent assailant, you'll experience rapid physical transformation as body fat melts away, revealing your chiseled physique. Trough our high energy workouts and engaging Krav Maga classes you will leave feeling absolutely incredible.

Benefits Of Krav Maga

  • Learn life-saving self-defense techniques
  • Get a full body workout
  • Ultimate strength and stamina
  • Muscle tone
  • Razor-sharp concentration

Krav Maga Is The Best Way To Achieve Your Fitness Goals!