Diamond Mixed Martial Arts Academy MMA, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Commando Krav Maga, Get Fit Boot Camp, and Kids/Children Mixed Martial Arts Summer Newsletter 2019

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Hey Team,
We are adding an additional kids class on Sunday 12-1 pm. All ages 3 + may attend starting tomorrow, Sunday, August 11th at 
12-1 PM
All members may attend Yoga.
You can view the full schedule on our website www.safestreetdefense.com

Adults-Open Mat on Sundays 12-3 PM.

We are asking all regular members to switch to eft billing. It saves the gym $. Same cost to you. We appreciate it!

Testing schedule:

Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Tuesday, Blue, Purple, and Brown Belt
August 13th 6-7:30 pm

Children Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) All levels
Thursday, August 15 4:30-6 pm

Muay Thai Kick Boxing Level 1 (Shorts Test) and Level 2 
Saturday, August 17 th 11 am-12 pm

Commando Krav Maga Tuesday, Level 1,2,3,4, and 5
Tuesday,August 20 th 7:30-9 pm

Sign up at the front desk for the exams at least 1 week before the test date. All testing fees must be paid prior to the exam in order to be added to the list of candidates.
Good luck to all those testing!

 Dedicated to your Black Belt achievement, I remain truly yours in the Martial Arts!
Train hard! It will produce super rewards!
 Professor Joe Diamond
10 year Certified Official Representative Instructor of The Rickson Gracie International Jiu-jitsu Association by Rickson Gracie
Certified Level 8 Instructor in Commando Krav Maga by Moni Azik
Certified Instructor in Muay Thai Kickboxing by Sakasem Fairtex
US Army Combatives Instructor Level 3 by US Army Sgt. Matt Larsen
5th degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do by Jim Thomas

Diamond Mixed Martial Arts and Commando Krav Maga
1714 Washington Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19146


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