Commando Krav Maga Seminar this Sunday, May 22, with Dennis Stoika, Level 8 Instructor

    Dennis Stoika, Commando Krav Maga Level 8 Instructor will be teaching a seminar for Commando Krav Maga Instructors here Sunday, May 22 8-11 AM The re-fresher is $25.00. He will also teach a seminar for students of our Academy from 11 AM-2 PM. This is a free seminar. Dennis is a former Police Officer and a current Federal Officer (FBI). Dennis is also a former US Marine. He is the current US National Director for Commando Krav Maga under Moni Azik, world famous Commando Krav Maga Founder and Instructor. Don't miss this opportunity to train with one of the best!

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